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Enamel ( Minakari ) Handicrafts

Meenakari ( Minakari ) is the art of colouring and ornamenting the surface of

metals by fusing over it brilliant colours that are decorated in an intricate

design. Enamel working and decorating metals with colourful and baked coats is

one of the distinguished courses of art in Isfahan. Mina is defined as some sort

of glass-like coloured coat which can be stabilised by heat on different metals

particularly copper. Persian Enamel handicrafts can be used as wall hanging

plates, home decor and candy dishes.

Turquoise Inlaying on Copper ( Firoozeh Koobi )

Turquoise Inlaying on containers includes a copper object on parts of the surface

of which small pieces of turquoise are set in mosaic fashion thus giving the

object a special glamor. The production of Turquoise Inlaying includes two

general stages: Goldsmith includes the making and preparation of the object

intended for Turquoise Inlaying using one of the metals indicated above. Then

Turquoise Inlaying where inlayer buys waste turquoise chips & use them in

making each Turquoise Inlaying object in proportion to the surface area.

Wood & Copper Inlaying ( Khatam Kari )

Khatam Kari consists in the production of incrustation patterns (generally star

shaped), with thin sticks of wood (ebony, teak, ziziphus, orange, rose), brass (for

golden parts), camel bones (white parts). Ivory, gold or silver can also be used for

collection objects. Sticks are assembled in triangular beams, themselves

assembled and glued in a strict order to create a cylinder, 70 cm in diameter,

whose cross-section is the main motif: a six-branch star included in a hexagon

and then plated and glued on the object to be decorated, before lacquer.

Hand Painting Miniature ( Miniator )

Persian Miniature is a small handmade oil painting on paper or more importantly

on a piece of camel bone. The techniques are broadly comparable to the Western

and Byzantine traditions of miniatures in illuminated manuscripts. The bright

and pure colouring of the Persian miniature is one of its most striking features.

The workshop tradition and division of labour within both an individual miniature

complicates the attribution of paintings. Some are inscribed with the name of

the artist, sometimes as part of the picture itself.

Metal Engraving ( Ghalamzani )

Engraving ( Ghalam Zani ) is the art of carving superb designs on various metals

such as copper, brass, silver and gold. Isfahan is the main center for engraving.

The artistic work of this course made by the artists are the glorious and

undeniable indication of Previous metal work of Iran and Isfahan. Persian

Metalwork Engraving is perhaps the most continuous and best-documented

artistic medium from Iran in the Islamic period. Each hand engraved item may

take up to one week to be finished depending on its size.


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